Homework 5

Complete the following and submit the Word document by midnight Sunday. Remember to include complete citations for all sources used to answer each question.1. Explain the four roles that DNA plays in cells? How are these roles influenced by DNA’s structure? Be sure you demonstrate your understanding of DNA’s structure in your answer.2. Match the terms with the most suitable description._____ genetic code             a.  Examples of RNA processing_____ promoter                   b. Sequence of three nucleotides that code for an amino acid._____ exon                          c. Location on DNA where RNA polymerase attaches._____ intron                        d. Sequence of three nucleotides that is complementary to a codon triplet._____ anticodon                  e. Portion of a gene that is excised from the RNA transcript._____ codon                        f.  Rules that convert a nucleotide sequence into a protein._____ cap and tail               g. Parts of a gene that are expressed.3. Briefly explain the differences among messenger RNA, transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA in terms of the roles they play in transcription and translation and where they are found in the cell.4. Using the genetic code table (Fig 10.11 on p 180), take the following DNA sequence and complete the following:T A C C C C A T G T A A C A T A C C A C TComplementary DNA strand _________________________________mRNA strand _____________________________________________Amino acid sequence _____________________________________________________5. Part of the coding sequence of a gene produces an mRNA sequence ofA U G A A G G C U C C U C C A A G C G G CDNA sequence _________________________________Amino acid sequence _____________________________________________6. Review pp 178-185 in your book and view the following animation. Then complete the following table. You may need to watch it the video more than once to catch the details.Genome British Columbia. 2007. Gene ExpressionQuestionTranscriptionTranslationWhat is it, in brief?[[[[[[[[[[[[Where does it occur in the cell?[[[[[[[[[[[[What is the product?[[[[[[[[[[[[Describe how the product is modified to reach its final form.[[[[[[[[[[[[

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