How can management improve productivity. what can a manager do?


·  At least 15 double spaced pages

·  Professional in appearance, stapled and enclosed in a quality cover or bound

·  Title page which provides the title of the paper, the course information, as well as your identification

·  Executive summary which briefly summarizes what the paper is about

·  Table of Contents which shows the page numbers and the topics and subtopics that make up the paper

·   Page “1″ of the text follows the Table of Contents.  Topics, subtopics and page numbers in the text should match those listed in the Table of Contents

·  The margins – top, bottom, left, and right should be one inch and full-justified (i.e., the right margin should also be even as it is in this page) 

·  The font size should be no larger than 12


·  Portions of the paper that are quoted or closely paraphrased from primary or secondary sources must be given appropriate credit;  Plagiarism is defined and discussed on the syllabus and will be handled accordingly

·  The list of references (this does not count as part of the 15 pages) should appear in alphabetical order at the end of the paper;  The References and citations of references in the text should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style

·  Only sources cited in the paper should be included in the list of references

At least three references must be peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals.

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