How will you communicate results to management on a regular basis?, essay help


Please add the following sections to the attached paper:

  • Review the evaluation methods for your plan. How will you communicate results to management on a regular basis? Consider a monthly report, management briefings, updates, and a yearly summary for board presentations.
  • Describe how you plan to deal with the negative emotions (from employees or other audience groups) that often accompany bad news or other information.

Finally, prepare the opening of the oral presentation that will describe your completed plan to management.

Presentation Notes

In your presentation notes, add 1 strategy for each of the following:

  • Reading the emotions of management: What to look for and how to respond
  • Dealing with any negative responses or emotions to the plan: Ways to resolve any possible conflict in the meeting
  • Finding approval for the plan: Continuing the meeting by moving past any negative emotions (resulting in a win-win for everyone involved)

Add your presentation notes to the end of the plan.

Provide 5–6 sources other than your textbook to support your answer. Use APA style for citations.

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