HR Questions

1. Investing in Education and Training Programs: Do you think employers will continue to invest in education and training programs for their employees? Explain your position. Information on this is provided in Chapter 11.2. represent Dyno-Mite Demolition Corporation in its negotiations with union representatives regarding a new, comprehensive agreement.    While you are able to agree on most issues, there seems to be no meeting of the minds when it comes to the role of seniority in your company.    You have been instructed to minimize or eliminate any role for seniority, while the union wants seniority to play an important part in any decision regarding employment.   You believe you have reached an impasse and would like to break off negotiations on this point.”Seniority” is present day “hot button” issue.   Using the hypothetical as background, why might “seniority” be such a difficult issue to resolve?3. Priscilla, 18 years old, was just hired to be a 20 hour a week cashier at Goodies Grocery.  Goodies is an “agency shop/union security agreement?”   Do you believe it is fair or unfair that Priscilla, who does not want to join the union, must still pay an “agency fee? “

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