HRM 522 Session Long Project 3

In the SLP project for this course you are asked to place yourself in the role of others. You might play the role of an employee, the role of a first-line supervisor, the role of the HR Manager, and/or the role of another stakeholder in a private-sector organization. By the end of the course and the project, you will have a better understanding of different HRM employee/union/employer relations responsibilities in the private sector and how to maximize your department’s contributions to the organization.

Please watch:

Recession weakening labor unions. Retrieved November 30, 2012, from

You are the HR Director for this plant. Prepare a short position paper discussing

  • How a recession affects a union’s ability to strike and win concessions from corporate management
  • What the organizational climate will be like once the strike is over and employees come back to work.
  • Once the strike has ended, what actions are needed to improve workplace relations?

Please upload your paper by the Module due date. Paper length: 2-3 pages, not counting cover and reference pages.

Bring in at least 2 library sources to help strengthen your discussion.

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