Business Strategy Plan 12 PAGES NO PLAGIARISM!!!!This week you learned about organizational change while wrapping up the final reading of this course. This term is an important one as it concludes your learning in the HRM program. Taking what you have learned this term, you will develop a business strategy plan for a local organization of your choice. This should be an established organization in your area and may be one you are familiar with or one you want to learn about.Your work should include the following:·  Conduct an interview with the TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUCTICE. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the business.·  Evaluate the organization’s motivation, innovation strategy and people strategy.·  Explain how the organization monitors ethics.·  Discuss the organization’s corporate social responsibility plan.·  Discuss the culture of the organization.·  Analyze an organization’s environment.·  Evaluate the organization’s competitive position and possibilities, potential generic strategies for an organization, potential value disciplines for an organization, and potential grand strategies for an organization.·  Discuss the organizational change management strategies the company has in place.·  Create a recommendation for improvement in the areas in which you feel the company could improve.·  Your proposal should be a minimum of 12 written pages following APA format.

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