hrmt407 week 6 forum responses

#1I am not apart of a union force. Ii am grateful that they are still out there fighting for our rights. It is definitely a blessing but I am a 42A in the military. 42A is administration in the Army. We specialize in helping other Soldiers because we are the customer service. We have a page that anyone can post questions and answers to a fellow 42A who needs assistance. We work together and network and in turn that benefits the customers we help. Unions are relevant today just as much as they were when they  first came about. Labor unions were created to open a better opportunity for workers and their families. The work force back then treated workers in a unethical manner. The system was not fair and desperately needed guidance. The work  environment has changed drastically. In the turn of the 20th century; sweatshops, child labor, and overworked citizens drove theirselves into overload because they wanted to provide for their families. They did not consider that there was no medical incase they got hurt or little to no money. They just worked hard hours not understanding the treatment against them was not fair. The labor union is beneficial because they are fighting for equality. The labor unions want increased labor, raised standards of living, safe working environment and medical coverage, and increased benefits for the workers and their families. We still need the union to over see and hold a voice to make a difference when it comes to mistreatment of workers.#2This week we are discussing unions, their advantages and disadvantages. Some people love being in a union and some do not.Have you ever been affiliated with a union?I myself have not been affiliated with a union. I have worked a few small wage, hourly, jobs prior to the navy and have been a service member for the past eight years. My father worked for a union when I was younger, I do not seem to remember if he loved it or hated it but I have not heard much complaining since he has been retired and gets that laborers union check every month.How relevant are unions in America today?I believe that unions are becoming less and less relevant with more companies developing and strengthening their human resources department. The union is kind of an old school way that has now been taking over by human resources.Are they fair to employees, employers, taxpayers?I do believe unions are fair to the employees. The union looks out for the employees regarding workplace safety, proper pay, mistreatment, and a broad range of other categories. As far as employers and taxpayers those people are the losers of the union. Taxpayers and employers are having to pay money into the union and the members of the union are the only ones that truly benefit.What are the ramifications of HRM functions and unions today?HRM functions are ultimately taking over for unions. A human resource department can be much more beneficial than a union. Less chance of a strike, and an HR department can likely keep both the employer and employees happier for a longer period of time.

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