HS415 Environmental Health

Course Outcomes assessed in this AssignmentHS415-2: Illustrate the risk assessment and risk management process in relation to an environmental health problem.Instructions:Create a brochure that informs local residents about the hazards at either a National Priorities List (Superfund) site or sanitary landfill in your community. The brochure should include the following:Front matter with a title and bylineInside and back panels:Information about the site (location, previous use, current use, etc.)Risk Assessment:Site assessments and testing completed to determine contamination levels.The hazardous agents present at the site.The extent of the contamination at the site and where it has spread to the surrounding community, if applicable (water, soil, air, etc.).How the site has negatively impacted the environment and the health of people in the surrounding community (if negative health effects have not been reported, list the potential health effects based on the matrices that have been contaminated and the hazardous agents that have been identified).Risk Management:Identify the clean-up or containment measures that were taken.Discuss how the site is continually monitored to prevent future contamination and protect the health of the surrounding population.Back matter with references and contact information for the local health or environmental department (city/county/state)ReferencesYour brochure needs to include at least three (3) references, which may include the assigned reading material for Unit 3.Submitting your AssignmentYour brochure must be submitted in a Microsoft® Word® file. Save the brochure with the proper naming convention, using the last name listed in the grade book: lastname_HS415_Unit3.docxSubmit your file to the Unit 3 Assignment 1 Dropbox.To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Grades tab after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted brochure.

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