HUM100 University of Maryland week 5 Theatre Toolbox Discussion

WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 5.1: Theatre ToolboxDiscussion Topic

After reading the Intro to Theatre lecture notes in Week 5, list and describe three specific aspects or concepts of plot, character, thought, diction, music, &/or spectacle.

Your post should be at least 150 words long. Do not use outside sources. (Do not use literary understanding of plot from last week). Use your own words, do not cut and paste from sources. Be sure to proof for best writing and typos.

You will not see any other postings until you post your own. Do not edit posts. Any changes can be posted in a response to your initial post.

Initial discussion posts are due by Thursday at 11:30PM ET. You are not required to but are welcome to respond to other postings. You will also be working on Discussion 5.2 this week. Discussion locks shortly after due date/time.

login infos

username: rekanewang

pswrd: Dibolerry1985

go under content in week 5 and you will get all the informations and resources you need

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