Human Biology

Section AWe will be discussing the functional differences between the three types of muscle tissue: Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal.  This discussion will involve all three chapters on muscle tissue and the musculoskeletal system as we bring the concepts of muscle function together.1. What are the cellular differences and similarities between these three tissues?2. What are the functional differences between these three tissues?3. How does their form aid in these functional differences?4. In your opinion what was the most complex concept about muscle function? Did you require any additional sources to understand or was there a particular resource in the course that helped you the most.Section BPlease choose ONE of the following topics, watch the associated video and answer the associated questions. When you are done please read and comment on two other responses.Asthma AttacksVisit this site (ASTHMA) to learn more about what happens during an asthma attack. What are the changes that occur inside the airways during an asthma attack?SpirometerWatch this video (SPIROMETRY) to learn more about lung volumes and spirometers. Explain how spirometry test results can be used to diagnose respiratory diseases or determine the effectiveness of disease treatment.BluebloodWatch this video (BLOOD) to see the transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Why is oxygenated blood bright red, whereas deoxygenated blood tends to be more of a red-purple color?Section CA number of factors can increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, including:Diabetes mellitusHigh blood pressureA family history of kidney diseaseAfrican-American and other ethnic minoritiesObesitySmokingOlder ageHaving protein in the urineHaving autoimmune diseases such as lupusChoose three of these risk factors and explain how they play a roll in chronic kidney disease

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