Human Growth and Development

Assignment 4.1: Peer InfluenceStep 1: Research the social and emotional development of an Adolescent.Step 2: In a one page pager, explain how peer influences change during adolescence· Discuss Piaget’s formal operational stage of development and how it may impact the thoughts and choices in adolescence.· Discuss the shift of reliance on peers· Discuss the shift from reliance on parents· Are there dangers? Explain your answer· Are there consequences? Explain your answer· Are there advantages? Explain your answerAssignment 5.1: Midlife TransitionsStep 1: Research midlife transitionsIn a two page paper write about the following:· Discuss the different types of intelligence, and why this stage in development falls into Erik Erikson’s period of generativity versus stagnation.· Compare and contrast generativity and stagnation in midlife transitions.· Discuss the importance of health and lifestyle during the middle adulthood years.· Explain how relationships with both parents and children transition during Middle Adulthood.Include 3-5 references to support your researchAssignment 6.1: EuthanasiaStep 1: Read about Death and DyingThe death often reflect about spiritual beliefs, the importance of spirituality, and how it influences their view of death.Step 2: In a two page paper:· Define Euthanasia.· Discuss the two types of euthanasia.· Discuss whether or not you believe that euthanasia is acceptable in some situations· How do you feel about other forms of assisted suicide?· Support your opinions with 3-5 references.

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