I have 2 discussion question

question 1: These questions are going to ask you some facts about the text; they should be easy to answer as long as you have done the reading. There are two questions, worth five points each. You will be graded on the accuracy of your response. Responses should be as in-depth as you think they need to be to fully answer the question. Answers should be a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs. You do not necessarily need to provide direct quotes from the text, but you can if you want.

Chapter 1: Name three cultural differences between the Anarresti and the Urrasti. Be specific about what the differences are. For instance, don’t just say “they eat different foods.” Instead, explain which foods each culture eats. (“Food” is just a made-up example; it will not be relevant for Wednesday’s reading.)

Chapter 2: How does Shevek’s teacher respond to the physical theory Shevek proposes about throwing a rock at a tree? What Anarresti cultural value is revealed through the teacher’s response? Give another example from chapter two that expresses the same or a similar cultural value.

Question 2: Do some quick research on the political philosophy you were assigned. Your research does not have to be in-depth, but it should be enough to show you understand and to help others understand. This foundation is going to help ground our reading of The Dispossessed. You may use Wikipedia for research, but you must put your findings in your own words. You will not receive credit for this assignment if you copy and paste. My term is capitalism.

1) Define the term by addressing:

a) major tenets, beliefs, or principles of the ideology
b) major historical figures/leaders who were proponents of the ideology
i) at least one relevant, specific act that person is known for
c) major locations and time periods when the ideology was dominant

2) Explain where you have seen that ideology come up in The Dispossessed so far.

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