I need help with a finance class project

L.S. Starrett Company is a public traded company I have chosen to do a project on.

I need to determine the investment opportunity for which I am seeking funding as well the country into which L.S. Starrett will be expanding:

See the requirements below in the attachments.

there are three stages and then the combination final. It requires research on finances and some investment charts as well as persuasive resaons for finacial backing to expand into another country.

There are 4 attachment they are titled as follows:

due 2.1.2017 milestone_one_guidelines_and_rubric.pdf

due 2.10.2017 milestone_two_guidelines_and_rubric.pdf

due 2.20. 17 milestone_three_guidelines_and_rubric.pdf

due 3.5..17 final_project_guidelines_and_rubric.pdf

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