Identify the main topics, themes, and approaches in Comparative Public Administration, management homework help

Comparative Public Administration

I.  Identify the main topics, themes, and approaches in Comparative Public Administration, as identified by Jamil Jreisat.  What is Comparative Public Administration? What does it have to do with ‘governance’ and ‘globalization’?

2.  As an MPA graduate, your first employer asks you to outline a comparative study of cities in the States of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to find out which cities have the most effective approaches to infrastructure maintenance.  What would be your unit of analysis?  What sorts of things would you compare and contrast between these cities?

3. Look at the YouTube Video, ‘Top Ten Videos in India’ : (Links to an external site.)

Suppose you are an employee at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and you have been asked to identify a city in India that has the most promise for the development of a new Industrial Park, to be funded by the IMF and the World Bank.  Of all the cities identified in the video, which one would you choose, based upon the information in the video?  Briefly explain your choice.

Question 1 – Clearly addresses questions. Good grasp of various themes approaches and topics. Explicates a clear, concise definition of Comparative Public Administration. Clearly distinguishes between governance and globalization.

Question 2 – Can clearly identify the unit of analysis of the analysis in the study. Provides clear description of techniques and strategies for comparative analysis. Demonstrates a clear sense of the variables and dimensions to be compared and contrasted.

Question 3 – Clearly identifies the choice of a city. Clearly identifies the criterion used to support the choice. Demonstrates a clear ability to apply the knowledge and materials of the readings to a concrete example.

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