Identify three or more secondary sources, marketing homework help

Need help. Please do assignment in APA format with cite and reference. Read chapter 9 in the MKTG and read case study resources: Unit 2 material in the REI Case Study Guide. Text book by Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P.M, (2016) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (6th ed) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.ISBN: 9780077718367.text to complete the following

Identify three or more of the secondary sources of information available to REI. Develop a short analysis of the value of the secondary sources of information available to REI. How valuable are these studies to the company?

For extra credit please provide answer to question:

Secondly, visit REI web site and select a product category, such as outdoor apparel. Review the category and determine what you believe is the company’s marketing strategy of that category. How does the strategy for REI compare to the strategy of Bass Pro Shop? What are some changes you would recommend to REI to maximize their strategy in your chosen product category?

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