improve your listening skills, communications homework help

Question 1 : Discuss why we have difficulty listening well. What can you do to improve your listening skills?

Two posts: 1. I think distractions such as noise and busy surroundings make it hard to listen. Also focus and patient sometimes we are so eager to get a word in or defend ourselves we don’t hear others. For the first one you should always move to quiet spaces to hold conversations or do repeat backs to ensure that you received it. For the second one I think everyone should be an attentive listener and be patient when holding conversations. Try not to think of a rebuttal or interupt while others are talking, a great leader has to be a good leader.

2. Often times we have trouble listening because there is either to many distractions or sometimes we can be so distracted by our own problems we cannot listen to others. I do not think we do this on purpose often times I think we attempt to really try and listen, but it can be extremely difficult sometimes. I definitely think that I fall into the category of having so much on my mind that I can barely focus on what I have going on let alone listen to someone else. I think I could improve my skills by not spreading myself so thin, staying on top of things so they do not pile on top of me like I have recently let things do.

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