In the Lab with Agassiz English homework help

Copy and Comment- “In the Lab with Agassiz”

Choose two of the following quotes and type them out, single-spaced. Skip a space and write a one-paragraph response explaining why you chose the passage you did and explaining its relevance to you and your learning. 

  • That is right,” said he; “a pencil is one of the best eyes.”
  • Those were not the days of ground-glass stoppers and elegantly shaped exhibition jars; all the old students will recall the huge neckless glass bottles with their leaky, wax-be-smeared corks, half eaten by insects, and begrimed with cellar dust.
  • The afternoon passed quickly; and when, towards its close, the Professor inquired, “Do you see it yet?”   “No,” I replied, “I am certain I do not, but I see how little I saw before.”
  • “That is good, that is good!” he repeated; “but that is not all; go on”‘ and so for three long days he placed that fish before my eyes, forbidding me to look at anything else, or to use any artificial aid. “Look, look, look,” was his repeated injunction.
  • “Facts are stupid things,” he would say, “until brought into connection with some general law.”

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