Info Tech Written Assignment 1

Answer the following short answer questions (1–2 paragraphs each).

  1. What effect has open-source software had on the quality of software products?
  1. Discuss some of the ways in which data mining can help a company generate more business.
  1. What are the potential problems of poor database design?
  1. What are some of the current trends for telecommunications and networks?
  1. Discuss the various techniques for using search engines.
  1. Describe your top three Internet applications in terms of usefulness or usage.

B. Project
Choose one (1) of the following projects and write a 1–2 page paper.

  • Project A
    Use the Internet and other sources to research the issues surrounding software copyrights and licensing. Be sure to look at the issues from both the perspective of the software vendors and from the perspective of the software users (including commercial and noncommercial users). Also, research the techniques used by software vendors to ensure that users follow copyright and licensing provisions. Write a 1–2 page paper describing the results of your research.
  • Project B
    Using the Internet, research at least five current products available for developing and maintaining a Web site. Be sure to research the functionalities and prices of these products, and whether these products are targeted toward experienced Web developers or novices. Write a 1–2 page paper summarizing your findings.

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