initial post plus response post, include references

1.Controversy has risen on the issue of protecting students while they are at school. Some believe that the school should let the status quo remain. Others argue that we need more police presence at our educational institutions while a segment of some communities wants to arm teachers or even students. Discuss the pros and cons of having armed teachers vs. law enforcement in the schools. You may include elementary, secondary, and college educational institutions in your comments.

In your initial post take a stance and support your views with your reading and research. For your response post, defend your stance against other views.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the for specific due dates.

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respond to this peer michelle

I think that the state needs to make sure that all schools have enough

Police officers. That bill was just passed. But I do know that they need

to have more on campus then ever before. I think that the state needs

to make sure that we are safe at schools. I do not think that it should

be left in the hands of our kids or teachers to carry. Our teachers

have a job to do and thats to teach and to make sure that our kids feel

that they can talk to them and help them with there homework amongst

other duties they have. But in no way shape or form should teachers

carry. Its not there job. Its the Police officers. The Federal

commissioners , The President needs to issue out more funds to keep

schools safe. Its not our teachers responsibility. Let them

solely focus on our childrens education and let the Police do the

protecting. Just like they do on premises with the white house – they

have guards everywhere. Why cant the schools get what they need.

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