it is important to treat it like a real interview and prepare accordingly.After completing the interview, in no less than 4 pages, please answer the following questions.1.  What were you thinking going into this mock interview?2.  Did you feel prepared when it started?3.  What steps did you take to prepare?4.  What steps do you wish you took?5.  How did it feel while you were being interviewed?6.  Did you ever tell the interviewer what you were thinking/ feeling?7.  Reflect on your actual responses.8.  Did you feel your responses were adequate or could you have done better?9.  What questions were easy?10.  What questions did you find difficult?11.  As a result of this unit what did you learn?  I realize these interviews were not for “real” but now that you have been through this process what should you do to prepare for when it is for real?12.  Evaluate this experience. Be honest. What did you think was positive about this experience? How could the experience be improved?3pages

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