Introduction to Service Management question, business and finance homework help

1.One of the approaches to service system design is having the customer as a co-producer. In no less than 100 words, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to new services design. Include an example of a legal or ethical concern that should be considered when developing a new service using the customer as a co-producer approach. need 300 words

2. has taken the business world by storm by identifying a market that was perfect for the virtual world. It is hailed as the top pure web-based business in existence, yet it has had difficulty becoming profitable. Barnes & Noble is also a retail book seller with an online presence that accounts for approximately 10% of their revenues. They are the number-one book seller in the U.S.

In no less than 300 words, compare and contrast the service design of and Barnes & Noble, giving specific examples of their similarities and differences.

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