ISTD205 America Public University Bridge of Spies Movie Analysis

In writing persuasively, you must consider and be able to analyze not just your position on the issue (or your client’s), but also that of your opponent. You must be able to construct arguments supporting different positions, using the law and the facts to effectively and persuasively support those positions.

Often, students believe that they can only argue effectively from one perspective, which they personally support or believe in. Some of you aspire to attend law school and become attorneys. Others of you plan to complete this degree and function as paralegals in law firms. Either way, you must develop your ability to see multiple sides of any issue and to make good, solidly supported arguments in support of those positions.

If possible, please watch the Oscar nominated movie, Bridge of Spies this week and share your thoughts. Then, please answer the following questions:

What were your thoughts on the movie? Could you have represented the Soviet spy fairly in Court? Is it difficult for you to see both sides of an issue? Is it hard for you to make arguments in support of positions with which you personally do not agree? How will you overcome this if it is a problem? If it is not a problem for you, how do you approach writing such arguments?

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