IT Strategic Policy computer science homework help


The book provides in pages 108-116 nine principles for IT Strategy and Tactics. 

1-Observation Principe, 2- Response Principle, 3- Timelines Principle, -4 Preparedness Principle 5- Economy Principle 6- Maintenance of Reserves (Coverage) Principle , 7-Redundancy Principle 8- Least Privilege Principle, 9- Commonality Principle. 

 While you need to be familiar with all of them, for this assignment you’ll choose three of the principles to explain in your own words.  Include an example scenario for each that demonstrates the principle.  Justify why the principle is important for IT Strategy or Tactics. Find at least one additional reference for each one you choose.

Please include your name, class number, and assignment number on your paper.  Your submission should be a Word compatible document in APA format, and have proper attention to formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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