key Trends in Advanced Analytics accounting homework help

Go to in the upper right hand and you will be able to get access to some of Gartner’s free research.

This assignment involves one of Gartner’s webinars. There are 2 files associated with the webinar. One is an audio file and the other is the presentation. You will need to start the audio file and then follow along with the presentation.

Note: both files are on the P drive in the Commerce AccountingMacDougallAcct 3323 Fall 2016ST and BC assignments folder.

Key Trends and Emerging Technologies in Advanced Analytics Gartner Webinars.mp3


Deliverable: SideTrip #2: Identify three issues or challenges surrounding Advanced Analytics that you think will be the most important for management to address and explain why you think so. 1-2 paragraphs on each issue. (250-300 words total) 

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