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This the first discussionSC235: General Biology I: Human PerspectivesOh…My Crazy Stress Hormones!Annie is a new district attorney (DA) for her county and she has her first day in court. She walks into the courtroom and sits at the plaintiff’s table. She feels pretty relaxed and is excited about her first case as a DA; but she is also nervous. The judge enters the courtroom, introduces the case and asks Annie to make her opening statement. As Annie begins to stand, she suddenly feels terror, her hands are trembling, her heart is racing, her mouth is dry and she thinks that she may faint.What is Annie experiencing?What are the three stages of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)?What stage is she currently experiencing? What hormone is released during this phase and how does it affect the body?What are the main organs involved in this response?What techniques do you recommend to help Annie calm down?Think about your own experiences. Describe an incident where your system activated the “fight or flight response.’What caused this reaction?How did you feel?What was the outcome?Be sure to explain in your example how many of the GAS stages you experienced.What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? What stage of GAS is affected in PTSD?What treatments are available for PTSD?Discussion Requirements:Review the file Discussion Board Tips for Success in the Doc Sharing Tab.Respond and her is the tips i am going to send you the pages of the book to your emailThe textbook contains some very helpful information about General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).  Please be sure to read pages 229-231 of the textbook.  In your post, please be sure to describe all three stages of GAS.  What happens during each stage?i need referenceThis the second discussionLearning Through First-Hand ExperiencesChildren learn best by doing, and social studies can help them to get actively engaged in their learning experiences. After learning about the benefits of fieldwork, you should have a solid understanding of how to make professional and ethical choices when planning field trips.Imagine you are planning a social studies activity for your early childhood students. Select the age group for the lesson: 0–4 months, 5–12 months, 2–4 years old, or 5–8 years old. As part of this activity, you will plan a field trip within the community or at your school or center that is best suited for the children. Once you have your activity planned, post your responses to the following:• Select the age group for the lesson: 0–4 months, 5–12 months, 2–4 years old, or 5–8 years old.• Describe the objectives and goals of the activity including what children would do for the activity.• Explain how the fieldwork you have planned will be beneficial for students and for this lesson.• Share why you think first hand experiences are essential.• What would you do if a parent challenges your decision? What can you do to respect their beliefs?• What are some policies and procedures that need to be followed when planning and having field trips?• Use the Social Studies lesson plan template, complete the information using the activity you have mentioned above. Make sure to complete each component of the lesson plan.i need refrence

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