KSU Social Learning and Social Factors Article Discussion

Discussion 7

As surveys are among the most popular forms of research published in criminology, this discussion allows you to praise or critique surveys for their quality.

Read my research article “Social Learning and Social Factors in Adolescent Substance Use ” that present survey data on a student drinking and drug use topic.

Note the following information for the survey and the measurement of variables: sampling design, manner of administration, response rate, number of surveys completed, and variables measured in the survey. This information should be easily identifiable in the methods section of the article.

Discuss the generalizability of findings based on the survey. In particular, consider any potential problems for generalizability based on response rates.


Lee, G., Akers, R. L., and Bor, M. (2004). Social Learning and Structural Factors in Adolescent Substance Abuse. Western Criminology Review 5:17-34



**Don’t summarize your readings; you must focus on your ideas about the readings.

**Must provide both in-text citations and references, including the course textbook.

**Students must start a thread before they can read and reply to other threads in each topic.

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