L.W. is a nurse practitioner in an urban community.


L.W. is a nurse practitioner in an urban community. Many of her clients recently immigrated to the United States from various countries. She is challenged by the many different cultures she encounters and the different values and beliefs they hold toward Western medicine.

She is determined to earn her clients’ trust. She does this by providing health care services that are respectful of each client’s health beliefs and practices and cultural needs. She knows she must set aside her own values and beliefs to focus on what is important to her clients in order for them to have successful outcomes.


Give at least two examples of emerging populations in the United States and describe their cultural characteristics that might interfere with their healthcare.

Then, continue to discuss the 3 topics listed below for your case:

  1. Identify the different roles and responsibilities of the nurse.
  2. Please discuss the challenges you anticipate facing when fulfilling the various roles of a nurse practitioner. How would you work to improve your weaknesses? Identify your strengths.
  3. Which patient population is most likely to experience health disparities and why?


Your initial post should be at least 5

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