DUE IN 16 HOURS12-15 Power Point Slides with speaker notes.The Unidentified pathogenis shigella flexneriMicrobiology Lab Oral PresentationsGroups of two partners will present a 10 minute presentation pertaining to the identified unknown pathogen. Students will create a powerpoint lecture to present to the class on the day detailed on the syllabus. Students will research their identified pathogen after confirming the pathogen with the lab instructor. Based on research, students will create a “mock” patient that presented to their healthcare provider with an infection due to the identified unknown, the laboratory methods used to determine the unknown bacterium and possible treatments. The presentation must contain: Signs and symptoms of patient Include any pertinent patient history. What patient samples would be collected for identification. Flow chart with 3 or more biochemical tests leading to the identification One confirmatory test must be included. Minimize the inclusion of results to show the shortest possible path to the unknown ID. At each step of the flow chart, show which bacterial species are still possible identifications and which bacterial species have been eliminated as candidates. Materials and Methods Include a complete explanation of materials and methods that correspond to the biochemical tests included in the flow chart. Results Describe the observations that were made for each of the biochemical tests included in the flow chart. Include visual examples of tests results (tables, figures, pictures) Conclusions Interpret results. Include if negative or positive (and for what product/ enzyme/ process) Identified infectious agent (include genus and species). Include information on how you interpreted results to form a conclusion to the bacterial ID. Pathogen information Diseases caused by the pathogen Must include 1 unique aspect of the organism Treatments Suggest treatments that should be used to clear the infection. Mode of action of the treatment (how it targets/ kills the bacterium) References (MLA or APA) Minimum 3 outside references (two must be a primary source) Cite at the end and within presentation (where used)

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