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Leadership Behavior and Motivation

The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate and apply leadership theories relevant to this situation identified in this assessment. To complete this assignment, you will need to conduct online research to address the Iowa University, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University Leadership Behavior Studies. It is encouraged to review the situation first within this assessment, and the proceed to conducting your online research to complete this assessment. 

Art Friedman started his business in 1970 as Friedman’s Appliance, selling all types of major appliances. In 1976, Friedman changed the company name to Friedman’s Microwave Ovens to match his new strategy of focusing only on microwave ovens, which was the new thing back then. His goal was to be the absolute best place to buy a microwave oven and its accessories. His third strategic move was to franchise his microwave business, using Art Friedman’s motivational technique of making everyone a boss.

For more than 30 years, Friedman’s has been accomplishing its goal by providing superior service, good prices, unconditional satisfaction guarantees, and cooking classes to educate customers on how to get the most from their microwave. Friedman’s also offers installation and repair services. Friedman’s has sold more than two million microwaves. Today, Art Friedman is retired, but his franchised name is still going strong, primarily in California. Some of the independently owned stores that bear the Friedman’s name continue to sell only microwaves, others also sell other types of appliances, and some also offer full kitchen renovations. The original Friedman’s store employed 15 people in Oakland, California. Friedman believed that his employees were not motivated, so he implemented the following changes to motivate his employees, and these techniques are still being used today. The following conversation took place between Bob Lussier and founder Art Friedman.

Bob: What is the reason for your success in business?

Art: My business technique.

Bob: What is it? How did you implement it?

Art: I called my 15 employees together and told them, “From now on I want you to feel as though the company is ours, not mine. We are all bosses. From now on you decide what you’re worth and tell the accountant to put it in your pay envelope. You decide which days and hours you work and when to take time off. We will have an open petty cash system that will allow anyone to go into the box and borrow money when they need it.”

Bob: You’re kidding, right?

Art: No, it’s true. I really do these things.

Bob: Did anyone ask for a raise?

Art: Yes, several people did. Charlie asked for and received a $100-a-week raise.

Bob: Did he and the others increase their productivity to earn their raises?

Art: Yes, they all did.

Bob: How could you run an appliance store with employees coming and going as they pleased?

Art: The employees made up schedules that were satisfactory to everyone. We had no problems of under- or overstaffing.

Bob: Did anyone steal from the petty cash box?

Art: No.

Bob: Would this technique work in any business?

Art: It did work, it still works, and it will always work!

To learn more about Art Friedman and Friedman’s, visit their Web site (http://www. friedmansappliance.com (Links to an external site.)).

Support your answers to the following questions with specific information from the case and text or with other information you get from the Web or other sources.

    1. Which University—-Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio State—leadership styles does Art Friedman use?
    2. Which specific motivation level, factor, and need (from the content motivation theories) applies to Friedman’s Appliance?
    3. Do equity and expectancy theory apply to this case? Explain.
    4. Which type of reinforcement does Friedman use?
    5. Do you know of any organizations that use any of Friedman’s or other unusual techniques? If yes, what is the organization’s name? What does it do?
    6. Could Friedman’s techniques work in all organizations? Explain your answer.
    7. In a position of authority, would you use Friedman’s techniques? Which ones?

NOTE: There are ample resources to aid you in completing this discussion question with aligned and supported resources. You can access those resources under the Course Media page. However, you should also conduct your own online research to complete this assignment. 

So, you will need to write 750 words and have a minimum of two sources.Be sure to use proper citations and APA formatting in your assessment. It is essential to give credit where credit is do for your online sources, i.e. cite the sources you found and do not copy and paste information from the web into your post and call it your own work – that is a plagiarism. If you have issues with citations or are confused on how to cite, it is encouraged to schedule an appointment with online tutor or writing lab. It is also encouraged to research that information online as well, i.e. how to properly cite information a source according to APA formatting, or what is and what is not plagiarism? 

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