Leadership Issues during the Inactivation of a Unit, management homework help


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I need a “Professional Article” written “as if” it were going to be published in a Professional US Military Related Publication.
The US Army just ordered the recent inactivation of the 92nd Military Police Battalion see references below and attached:




You can use the references above and any additional references you find in the paper. You are the subject matter expert in writing and I will trust your decisions. I provided the links above as a starting point to help you with the history of the Military Unit in which the article is targeting

I need research on any history of Leadership Issues during the Inactivation of various Units from previous times units went through this type of mission.

Paper guidelines:

-minimum of 2 pages written in double spaced APA format.

-All references properly cited.

-ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL! I will run this thru turnitin to get a plagiarism report prior to releasing funds.

“Thank You!”

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