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Assignment from nickkynickky

Learning Activity #3: Case Study Analysis

Review the Theory of Comparative Advantage and the Theory of Absolute Advantage (International Economics, Chapters 1 & 2).

Find a peer-reviewed article on the theory of comparative advantage.  

Summarize the article and explain its finding. Based on the review of this article, provide an analysis to the question: Is the Theory of Comparative Advantage still relevant today in the global market? 

Learning Activity #5: Weak vs. Strong Dollar Paper

Discuss the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve Bank and the government’s fiscal policy and how they stabilize the economy.

Write a 2-3 page paper based on an article online or a peer reviewed paper on the value of a weakening dollar relative to other currencies versus the value of a strong dollar relative to other currencies.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, include the following elements:

¾  Under what conditions is a strong US dollar better for the US economy than a weak US dollar and vice-versa?

¾  Provide at least two additional sources beyond the article. If you cite a dictionary it will be in addition to the required two sources. The Bible is not to be listed on the References page, but does have to be cited in-text.

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