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In this week’s learning activities, you were introduced to concepts involving transmittal letters and e-mail correspondence. In a recent court opinion, The Third District of California Court of Appeal found that where an employee used her employer’s computer to send e-mails to her attorney about a potential lawsuit against her employer, the attorney-client privilege did not apply. Complete the following assignment:

  • Read Holmes v. Petrovich Development Co, LLC (Links to an external site.) and respond to the following questions:
    • Do you agree with this ruling?
      • Why or why not?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using e-mail to correspond with clients and attorneys?
    • Are there items of discussion that should never be e-mailed?
    • Should a transmittal letter be sent with every document shared with the client?
  • Be sure to follow these guidelines:
    • Your response must be analytical and apply the concepts that you are learning.
    • You will be assessed on the depth of analysis in your response.
    • Your answer should be one to two pages in length, with one-inch margins, double-spaced.
    • In addition, you must proofread your material, and submit it without grammar, spelling, or other mechanical errors.
    • Cite all of your sources in Bluebook format, including the text, lectures, and other sources.
    • Proofread carefully – spelling and other mechanics count.
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