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Legal research


1.  On Westlaw, locate the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Florida v. Powell.  Provide the full parallel Bluebook citation for the case. That means include the citations from the official reporter and the two unofficial reporters, in the correct order. 

2.  You can find U.S. Supreme Court cases on many websites.  Visit the following websites and provide the URL information requested.  You are encouraged to simply cut and paste the URLs but do pay attention to what you’re viewing on the case at each of these websites.

a. Go to and provide the full URL for the Florida v. Powell case page on SCOTUSblog.

b.  Go to the official U.S. Supreme Court website and provide the full URL for the Florida v. Powell opinion on the U.S. Supreme Court website.

c.  Go to Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) and provide the full URL for the Florida v. Powell opinion on the LII website.

d.  Go to Findlaw and provide the full URL for the Florida v. Powell opinion.

3.  How do the legal research features on WestlawNext compare to what you have seen in the free resources you have just finished looking up?  Your answer should be 3-4 sentences long.

4.  One of the great features of free access to the ABA Journal at is that it includes many life-work balance, legal tech, and “legal profession in society” articles.  I think that once you see this website, many of you will want to visit it regularly.  But for this last skill exercise question of the course, I want you to go to the work/life balance news by topic page at (should be available here: and select an article under work/life balance that you find particularly relevant to your interest in the legal profession.  Tell me the title, author, and URL of the article.  Then in 3-4 sentences tell me why you selected that article and what you learned from the article.

See attached instruction for skills assessment

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