Literature and Poetry writing homework help

Now that we’re near the end of the course, and now that you’ve read five of Shakespeare’s greatest works, I’d like you to explore how you view Shakespeare’s value in your own life, in a modern day setting. In other words, Why does Shakespeare matter?

Using a list format (#1 – 6), please answer the following questions:

1. What about Shakespeare’s life and/or writing piques your interest?

2. What Shakespearean themes that we’ve discussed in his plays pervade your own life?

3. Is your life more like a Shakespearean tragedy, comedy, history, or poem? How so?

4. Which Shakespearean character do you think you most resemble and why?

5. What can the world learn from Shakespeare’s philosophies on life and love?

6. Finally, what is the most significant thing that the experience of this class (and reading Shakespeare) has taught you?

Do your best to provide a well-thought-out, detailed response to all six of these questions, then respond to your peers’ ideas/thoughts!

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