literature review the impact of higher education on labor force, writing homework help

I need 2 to 3 studies (survey) that discusses the similar research question (the impact of higher education on labor force) to be connected to my question as addressed in the requirements attached file, and a copy of these studies ( required ) attached with the literature review.

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2 or 3 studies will be enough but the important thing is to connected to my research question in term of relevance as mentioned in the doctor note

Professor notice: the literature review should structure more according to the information that is relevant to your topic. Only describe the other papers in so far as they are related to your research question.

For example, if one report talks about education and prior work experience. That report might be included in your literature as follows:

Previous research suggests that education is not the only critical factor in employment outcomes. Prior work experience plays a large role in an individual’s subsequent labor market success (citation).

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