Management Plan, business and finance homework help

Create a 2,100-word management plan for a multinational organization seeking to expand into several different markets in the context of Creating Value (People, Profits and Planet) through Corporate Responsibility. The plan should include:

  • The basic overview of the environment and social responsibility in the context of the country and company you chose in Week 1
  • The best business, cultural, and legal practices you examined in Week 2
  • Additional best practices discovered with your Learning Team in Week 5, including:
    • Cultural, national, social, corporate and technological variables an organization must consider
    • Various styles of international management
    • The development of a global and local mindset
    • Managing across locations, boundaries and values
    • Global business teams: communication channels, barriers with focus on value creation for all stakeholders
    • Best practices in leading and creating sustainable competitive advantage for a digital economy
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