Management Plan

DUE WED 4/9/14

You are a manager of three employees at Riordan Manufacturing. You recently had these employees take a series of self-assessments to aid you in managing them:

Resources: Results of Self-Assessments, and Employee Portfolio Management Plan

Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker_Michelle Smith.docx

Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker_Queen Harvey.docx

Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker_Susan Adams.docx

Am I Engaged_Michelle Smith.docx

Am I Engaged_Queen Harvey.docx

Am I Engaged_Susan Adams.docx

How Are You Feeling Right Now_Michelle Smith.docx

How Are You Feeling Right Now_Queen Harvey.docx

How Are You Feeling Right Now_Susan Adams.docx

How Satisfied Am I with My Job_Michelle Smith.docx

How Satisfied Am I with My Job_Queen Harvey.docx

How Satisfied Am I with My Job_Susan Adams.docx

Whatu2019s My Emotional Intelligence Score_Michelle Smith.docx

Whatu2019s My Emotional Intelligence Score_Queen Harvey.docx

Whatu2019s My Emotional Intelligence Score_Susan Adams.docx

Whats My Affect Intensity_Michelle Smith.docx

Whats My Affect Intensity_Queen Harvey.docx

Whats My Affect Intensity_Susan Adams.docx

Employee Portfolio Management Plan.docx

Now that you have these assessments, you are now tasked with creating an Employee Portfolio for each of the employees to help guide you in developing ways to best manage them.

A. Complete the Employee Portfolio Management Plan for each of the three employees.

B. Write a 350- to 700-word summary. Include the following in your summary:

1.  How might these three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization?

2.  Recommendations for additional assessments.

Submit the Employee Portfolio Management Plan and Summary.

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