Managerial Eco class, economics homework help (2 pages)

Please choose two from the articles below :

1a. A Bet on the Future of Humanity

1b. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

2a. US shale oil supply shock shifts global power balance

2b. How Does France differ from North Dakota?

3. Smartphones with ‘Flappy Bird’ Sell For Thousands on Ebay

4. DeBeers Said to Cut Diamond Prices as Much as 9%

5. Gimme’s new vending technology

6. Minimum Wage Proposal Divides East Multnomah County Employees, Businesses

7. Why Do Roses Cost More on Valentine’s Day?

8. China Slowdown Stokes Fears on Peak Oil Demand

9. Shoppers Find Empty Shelves

write two summary articles(each for one page long) that gives a brief summary, states a problem the business (or individual) is facing, and connect the chapter CH8.ppt content to the article.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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