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The franchise i am doing it on is the Cleveland Brown

measurement analyses

As a precursor to the Case Study, on four occasions you will select several articles or sources and develop a brief analysis on a key business topic and analyze your franchise against this key metric or topic. These metrics will include: Market Challenges and Opportunities.Please refer to the Course Outline for the dates these are due.You will present these analyses in a three-page maximum paper with a Works Cited page in MLA format and also may be called upon class to present your findings orally. You will need to examine your franchise against a standard metric or series of metrics to test effectiveness. At a minimum, 10 reputable sources must be used for each assignment.

Each analysis is valued at 10 points and the four total analyses are worth a total of 40 points toward your final grade.

below is some of the points the prof wants us to talk about:

Location of the sports venue. Is it beneficial towards the team?

Will people living around be able to afford the tickets.

compare cities (where the teams are located)

demographics (people living in the city)

spending power of the city

opportunities for sponsorships (individual or companies)

Other teams in the same area

the prof wants data not opinion!!


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