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This assignment (10-page paper; 2,500 words maximum) requires you to engage in and collect original research. You must respond thoughtfully to the following questions. Use the APA writing style and at least 20 academic peer reviewed references in your paper.

Take a closer look at a larger media product (a television series spread across multiple seasons, the work of a major artist, a genre of music, a form of television like the sitcom, a film or book series, a genre of Internet content, the albums of a prominent musical artist, etc.) and discuss the following:

(a) the history of that cultural product and/or artist,

(b) the lessons it offers in terms of cultural production,

(c) what the product says about representations of individuals and groups, and

(d) the ultimate significance of this product as a cultural force.

Previous classes have focused on important key television series like: Mad Men, Sex and the City, Entourage, M*A*S*H. Other projects have looked at genres of content (reality TV programming, punk music, video games, young adult novels, characters in animated movies, etc.).


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