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#1 MGMT44 Assignment Details Assignment Description You work in a new organization. You have been charged with recruiting a manager for a new department within the Services division. The Vice President of the Services division stresses to you that, “This is a new department that requires a good manager who has the following skills: conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal. I need someone with experience in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a new service department to provide excellent customer service.” Assignment Guidelines Based on her comments/expectations and your knowledge of management functions, behaviors, and skills, draft the following: List 5 to 10 questions that will determine if this candidate can take charge, organize things, and get people motivated and working again in a Service Department. These should give you insight into why the candidate can fulfill the requirements outlined by the VP of Services. Be sure to explain what information you are looking for with your questions (e.g., temperament, interpersonal skills, etc.). Include a description of the types of characteristics and experiences that you will look for in the candidate. Be specific; include the various management functions and roles that this individual must have experience with, as well as the skills he or she must possess to be effective in the specific role of manager for a new department within the Service division. Include information so you could depict what type of leadership style the individual has. Make sure your description is not a job specification (tactical candidate requirements) list. Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following: A document of 2 to 3 pages covering the guidelines listed above.

MGMT44 #2 Assignment Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their leadership abilities. He would like you to develop a training guide that shows how personality traits affect management and leadership. The training guide should be designed to improve the interest in and leadership skills of his managers. Assignment Guidelines Your training guide should, at a minimum, include the following: The differences in leadership and management How factors like personalities, values, attitudes, cognitive differences, emotions, and charisma affect leadership How do courage and morals affect leadership and leadership decisions? What are the 5 sources of power a leader might possess Your submitted assignment (150 points) must include the following: A PowerPoint presentation of 8–11 slides that covers all the aspects of the assignment guidelines Include speaking notes If a reference is required, use APA format

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