MGT research proposal

MGT 307Student Topic Selection – Fall 2016TREND 1: Diverse WorkplacesSurface Level Diversity1.     Globalization / Other Countries /Cultures2.     Global Mindset3.     Work culture – generation gaps / entitlement / managing millennials / Gen X/ etc..Deep Level Diversity4.     Personality management – how to handle it5.     Personality – person-job fit, leader personality, ability to influence others6.     Values – being authentic / authentic leadership / paradoxical leadershipTREND 2: Health and Wellness7.     Collaborative Overload – too much teamwork!8.     Emotions – crying at work9.     Empathy10.  Emotional intelligence11.  Stress reduction: Mindfulness – mindful leadershipTREND 3: Employee Engagement12.  Employee happiness13.  Employee passion14.  Staying motivated15.  Job craftingTREND 4: Work-Life Balance16.  New ways of communicating at work17.  High intensity workplaces18.  Coworking / Co-livingTREND 5: Social Media19.  Social networking20.  Resolving conflicts around social media postingYou need select one topic form the above and think one specific issue or problem that you found from this topic. This issue or problem MUST be new and no one done it before. Please follow reasearch methos and You need at least read and ues 10 articles. Please let me know which topic that you select and I will send you the ppt about this topic from the class. If you have any problem please let me know. Write about at least 10 pages. It is due Friday 12/2/2016. This Research Proposal is REALLY IMPORTANT! Please work really hard.Oct 20 – Complete plan for Literature review structure (what headings etc..)Oct 31 – Complete draft Literature ReviewNov 5 – Select Research Method DesignNov 10 – Select Context, Population, SampleNov 20 – Select Instruments/Surveys/MeasuresNov 30 – Complete Detailed ProceduresFinal Exam Date Dec 2- Submit Final Research Proposal

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