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Read Keim’s chapters (1 and 2), watch the film “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. Then write a short essay BASED on the following questions. DO NOT ANSWER EACH OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW, BUT USE THEM AS JUMPING OFF POINTS FOR YOUR OWN ORIGINAL ARGUMENT:

A. What types of stereotypes are present in the film? Identify one or two and analyze the characteristics of the stereotype in question. How does this representation of an ancient group of people positively/negatively affect the audience’s historical understanding of Africa and its diverse climates and peoples? Does it create contradictory images of Africa? How and why? Please present specific scenes from the movie supported with evidence drawn from the reading materials.

***Because your references should be confined to the assigned texts, you may use parenthetical citation. For example, if citing the or the the Keim’s book, cite as such (Keim, pp. 1).


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