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Interpreting Diagnostic Tests and Evidence-Based Guidelines in Managing Acute, Episodic, and Chronic Conditions


For this Assignment please follow the directions below

“””””””: PATIENT 16 YEARS OLD with ASTHMA(chronic condition) and FEVER AND TONSILITIS(acute condition)””””””

  1. Pick one patient you have encountered in your clinical setting with your preceptor.
  2. The patient should have one acute and one chronic condition.
  3. There must be a diagnostic or lab testing performed for the patient (either for the acute or chronic condition; if diagnostic tests are ordered for both conditions, then the discussion should include all ordered tests).
  4. Briefly discuss the rationale (evidence-based) for choosing the diagnostic or lab testing for the patient (make sure to include relevant subjective and objective data in your discussion).
  5. Discuss the findings of the diagnostic test or lab results and how it supported your main diagnosis.
  6. Discuss pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for the patient.
  7. You are required to review 3 scholarly articles using evidence based database (CINAHL, PubMed-please refer to the library for more information). The articles should be about the condition(s) you have selected and should not be more than 5 years old. The articles chosen should address management of the acute and/or chronic condition.

Annotated Bibliography Requirements:

  1. Cite the sources using APA 6th edition format.
  2. Summarize the articles briefly in your own words, direct quotes are not allowed. Use 3–5 sentences (not more than 150 words).
  3. Explain the relevance of the articles to the condition you have examined above and clinical implications on your clinical practice.


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