Modern Writers and Fascism Paper

This class is British Literature II and I have to write 6 pages paper. I alraedy make outline and works cited pages you can use or you can strat from the begining as you want.

This essay will give you the chance to explore in-depth a writer or topic of interest to you. Your essay should be a minimum of 6 double-spaced pages and must present an argument—some interesting, relevant, debatable, and original claim about the work of the writer or topic you choose. Take care that you don’t produce a report or mere regurgitation of facts found in research. You want to analyze and interpret your material, then present the results of your analysis as a developed and supported argument.

No matter what your focus may be, you’ll need to do a little research on the criticism out there.

  • What have other writers said about the same subject and issues?
  • Do you agree or disagree with those sources?
  • Through what critical lenses has your topic been explored?
  • Are there any issues or approaches which you believe have been neglected?
  • What are some recent debates concerning your topic?
  • How does early criticism on the topic differ from very recent criticism?

Suggested Format:

  • Introduction: One paragraph. Peak your reader’s interest and focus your argument. You do not need to include a plot summary; assume your reader is familiar with the text. Introduce the aspect of the historical, literary, or cultural context that your analysis will illuminate.
    • Thesis: Place your thesis as the last sentence in the first paragraph. The thesis should be purely analytical rather than descriptive. For example, this is a strong thesis: “Jane Doe’s short story ‘Family’ responds to what many conservatives in the 1990’s described as the ‘Crisis of the Family’.”
    • Interest! Make sure your reader understands what makes this argument worthwhile. What will the reader gain from reading your argument?
  • Body: Multiple paragraphs. The paper’s support. Start each paragraph with a clear topic sentence that connects the evidence with a portion of the thesis.
  • Conclusion: Can be brief- one paragraph. Wrap up your argument.

Evaluation Criteria

•Your essay must be a minimum of 6 typed and double-spaced pages with a 7th page as the Works Cited page.

At least 4 outside sources (other then the primary source or reading selection) are to be incorporated at least once into the essay and formatted on a Works Cited page

•If a website is used as a source, it must be from a .edu, .gov or .org website. WIKIPEDIA may not be used.

•It should include a helpful and engaging title.

•It must have a clear, debatable central point (thesis), supported and developed with plenty of detail, analysis, and research, as needed.

•Your essay should show awareness of its audience’s expectations and needs.

•Your essay should be focused, unified, and well-organized, with appropriate paragraphing and transitions.

•Your essay should show virtually no spelling or grammatical errors, vagueness, or awkward sentence constructions.

•All sources should be documented and the manuscript formatted according to MLA guidelines.

Any form of plagiarism on this assignment will result in a “0” for the essay. Be sure to cite and document all outside source material.

No revisions will be allowed. Put your very best effort into the final draft and proofread before submitting the essay!

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