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For your paper address the following: How many ethical violations can you identify in this video? Discuss the unethical conduct. Be specific. Provide examples.

Submit a one-page paper in APA format that addresses all the above requirements. Support your paper with credible sources as needed. In addition to your own research, the library resources provided in this course are appropriate options.

The video is about a manager interviewing someone that she knows, Didn’t ask about her question regarding the job she apply for, talks about a staff member that they both know, and manger stated that the staff member husband is a drunk, and they both cant stand her, also in the interview, the lady that came for the interview stated that she lied on her application because she make too much to be qualified for benefits,and the manger said that it was fine she can do something about it. At the end manager ask the lady to come tomorrow for coffee. It was not a interview at all. very unprofessional.


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