moral responsibility of File Sharing philosophy homework help

 write a discussion after read this. at least 200 words is enough. thank you so much.

Many people think nothing of downloading music for their personal use, even when doing so is in violation of copywrite laws and strictly speaking, illegal. Opponents of such practices sometimes claim that illegal downloads are the moral equivalent of taking a CD (or CD single) from a music store without paying for it. In both cases, one illegally takes something for free, at the expense of both the artist and the recording companies. Some parents have made household rules that aim to prohibit their children from engaging in all aspect of illegal activity, including music downloads. They argue that just like any other desired goods, all music must be acquired in a legal fashion. They also reject the “everyone else does it” arguments as just another version of such arguments used to justify activities such as drinking, skipping school, etc.

In your response, critically analyze whether or not the practice of illegal downloads (we are not taking about legal file sharing here) is morally justifiable. Are illegal music downloads really another form of stealing (albeit one that is easy and common), and hence, wrong? Or, is there a relevant distinction to be made between this practice and other forms of “taking something for free” that place it outside of the class of immoral actions? Perhaps there is a different way to account for this practice? 

No matter what your take on this issue is, make sure you provide ample and clearly stated argumentation for your position. 

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