Morals and Ethics of Media Organizations

Your readings define a media organization as an organization whose primary mission is to gather, synthesize and disseminate news and information.  Disney, MTV, Facebook,  and YouTube do not meet the criteria for media organizations.  Likewise, when you are looking at media organization, keep in mind that  news and entertainment are two separate organization under one umbrella.  News has a separate governing board, so does the entertainment side.  Their goals, objectives and code of ethics may differ.

Choose a mass media organization. What moral values are embodied in that organization? How is this manifested to the public? What is the effect of these values on the conduct of that organization? Is the effect good or bad for the organization?

Respond to this question with at least 250 but no more than 400 words. You must  add at least one outside resource and cite your source in-text and provide your reference in APA format.

The Chosen mass media organization is Twitter

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