My Unit is Teaching and Learning in the Digital World. It is worth 50 % and I am very very… 1 answer below »

My Unit is Teaching and Learning in the Digital World. It is worth 50 % and I am very very nervous about this one hence I will need to know if one of your tutors can do it for me! (I apologize for asking but the quality of my last essay was so bad that I need to make sure it can be done) Please just be honest if it can be done or not as the marks will determine if I will pass or not. If it cannot be done that is fine, I will figure something else out. I would like to speak to the tutor and make sure he or she knows what to expect and if it can be done. I spoke to someone already, see below my email and response:


Dear John Mcbeth or to whom it may concern,

I would like to let you know that the first assignment that was written by your team was absolutely perfect. I was very satisfied and it was for my psychology unit. Considering that I was happy with what you sent me, I decided to contact you again for another unit due to my busy schedule. The manager assured me that the tutor dealing with this question is qualified as I needed someone who was familiar to the book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. I asked him again if the tutor knew about the book and he said yes and asked me to pay which I did. Unfortunately the essay was absolutely wrong and horrific. The tutor had no idea what he was talking about and I had to redo everything myself. After I submitted mine the tutor kept sending me additional information to make up for what he didn’t do in the first place. I had sent mine already and what was I supposed to do with the additional information? I paid to get the whole essay done! I was so frustrated by it and I asked for help, the manager did not do anything about it and kept saying that the tutor delivered and clearly he did not. After all the frustration and tears I decided to write to you. I asked for a refund but that was pointless so keep the money but please next time train your managers and tutors so they can be honest with the clients. If they are not familiar with a book, kindly be honest about it. I would rather someone tell me that they can’t do it rather than write something that they are not even aware of.

I needed some time to write to you as I was still so frustrated and upset about it all.

It was so unfair as I paid money for it. Kindly see below the whole conversation:

Response from Aditya Singhal:

I am sorry for the trouble caused, Based on the feedback, I can offer you a 50% refund. please accept the same so that I can process it.

Sure we can do this assignment.It will cost you $60 for this whole assignment.For Auditor summary we will provide you written script of 300 words and you need to record the audio using that script and for visual summary we will provide you 2 to 3 ppt slides without speaker notes.Please upload your questions by clicking this so that we can send you price quote and to pay and guide you accordingly.

We will provide you the solution as per the requirement.

Kindly see below the assessment task and criteria along with the rubric attached:

Assessment Task

As part of your development in becoming a digitally fluent educator you will create and develop a Website, using either or, on the following overarching topic: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. This will be developed and added to throughout the unit and you should allocate time in the first 8 weeks to begin working on your website. This is a creative project so you will determine the design and navigational elements of your website.
Your website should include three summations with each summation on a different topic.One of the summations must be Cyberbullying and the other two must be chosen from this list:

  • Lifelong learning in the digital age
  • Digital identities and digital security
  • Transmedia
  • Participation and the digital divide
  • Being a digital curator
  • Digital Fluency

Each summation should appear as a post or page on your website and should review the chosen topic, while focusing on how the ideas in the topic may affect teaching and learning. Additionally, the three summations will take different forms as in the list that follows, and each must be created using a different digital tool of your choice. However, you may not use Canva as this was used in Assessment 1.

  • Summation 1 – Written summary of 300 words + reference list
  • Summation 2 – Auditory summary (spoken) of 2 to 4 minutes + reference list
  • Summation 3 – Visual presentation summary of 300 words/2-4 minutes + reference list

Your website must also include a final reflection that discusses, in 300 words, the process and different tools you used in creating your website. This final reflection should also critically evaluate how this assessment task has impacted your understanding of teaching and learning in a digital world.
Assessment Criteria
Ensure you familiarise yourself with the marking guides on Blackboard for full information on assessment criteria. However, broadly speaking you will be assessed as follows:

  • Written summation– knowledge of topic, creativity and design of post/page
  • Auditory summation – knowledge of topic, creativity and design, quality of speech
  • Visual summation – knowledge of topic, creativity and design of presentation
  • Final reflection – discussion of the process and different tools you used in creating your website, critical analysis of how this task has impacted your understanding of teaching and learning in a digital world
  • Overall – academic writing and compliance with APA 6th Edition referencing style

Submit your assignment via Turnitin as a single PDF document containing the following:

  • A working URL to your website (your work cannot be assessed wi+thout this)
  • The text from all posts on your website including the written summation, script from your auditory summation, the text from your visual summation, final reflection, and all reference lists


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