nature of embezzlement, law homework help

After reviewing the elements and nature of embezzlement and public services fraud, please answer the following prompts in this week’s paper.

    1. List and discuss the basic elements of embezzlement.
    2. List and discuss the basic elements of public services fraud.
    3. How do both types of fraud involve an element of breach of trust?

Your final paper should be approximately 300-400 words (1-2 pages) in length. Please cite your material in APA format.

Please have a clear thesis statement and a clear conclusion paragraph. Remember that the first line of all paragraphs are to be indented about five spaces to the right. For ever listed reference — there must be a correlating citations in the body of the paper. You must identify all resource that is not of your own words with in-text citations as per APA guidelines. The resources listed were no properly structured and formatted.

Here is the link to the readings of the book.


Chapter 9 (pages 301-311)
Chapter 10 (pages 339-342, 358-380)


Password: Apples05

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